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Company Match Option

Add a feature that allows companies to match what their employees are donating. This year we had one company matching their employees (I’m sure more employers do match we just didn’t get it setup) but we tracked it manually for that company that contacted...

MailChimp Integration per Non-Profit

Would you like to see a feature added so that donors that are making a donation to a specific non-profit could automatically be added to that non-profit’s MailChimp list? For this, to work of course the non-profit would have to have a MailChimp list already set...

Unconfirmed Donations Report

Would it be beneficial to be able to run a report that shows all unconfirmed donations – grouped by the donor so you can see if there is a particular person that is having problems making a donation so they can be contacted?

Emailing on Behalf of Philanthropy Council

Would you like the ability to have the system automatically send out a thank you email to the donor from the philanthropy council or some other entity as they are making donations during your event? If so we would also give you the ability to set: who it is from the...

Email All Non-Profits

Would it be beneficial for Big Give admins to be able to email all non-profits in the system? When you access this feature you could select if you wanted to send the email to all non-profits that are active/inactive/all.