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Add Non-Profit Donation Download Tracking

If we track when the last time was that a non-profit downloaded their donation data then this can feed into another reason why we might need to flag a followup with that non-profit post event. We would look to verify that ALL non-profits have downloaded their data...

Follow-Up With Non-Profit(s) Notice

Come up with a set of rules if reasons why the Big Give administrator might want to follow-up with non-profits. Things might include they haven’t updated their profiles this year and they are flagged as active in the system. Another reason might be that they...

Non-Profit Goals

Need to give the Big Give administrator the ability to set whether or not they are going to use the goal option for their event. If not then the question should be removed from the sign-up form and the goal box should be removed from their profile.

Donor Follow-up Communication Emails

When the donors check out might want to ask them if they are in interested in follow-up messages regarding how their non-profits are using the dollars raised or other items of interest.